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The Alekhine Accords - NAC MDoAP
« on: February 23, 2016, 06:07:15 AM »
The Alekhine Accords

1.The King’s Messenger
   The Kings of the United Purple Nations and the North American Confederacy agree to send their messenger pigeons to the other party with any information in regard to the wellbeing of their Queen.

2.Rook on Rook
   The United Purple Nations and the North American Confederacy agree to avoid Rook on Rook conflicts. Any such conflicts will be handled in the nearest and most private of bed chambers.

3.The Cavalry
   Should either King’s Castle come under assault, the other party shall provide aid in the form of but not limited to the King and Queen, Knights, Rooks, Bishops, and Pawns.This agreement does not extend to the activation of a third party defense treaty.

4.The Second Wave
   In the event either King wishes to commit to an offensive, the other may choose to support the move.

5.The Pawn Clause
   The Kings have agreed in the event of an unprovoked attack on the pawns in a King's protectorate by a third party, the aggrieved King can call upon the other for assistance. That assistance is voluntary and can include either financial assistance, military assistance or both.

6.A Change of Colors
   Should either King wish to cancel the Alekhine Accords, notice should be given in private 72 hours in advance.

Signed for the UPN,
Emmad - Primarch
Victor Truchev - Equerry/Reclusiarch
Pangui - Equerry/Warsmith
Kevin D - Chief Librarian
Aenir - Master of the Forge
Kelson - Chooser of the Slain
Jakeman4 - Lord Inquisitor

Signed for NAC,
George Clooney, Chairman of the Board

MDoAP (non-chaining) w/ Optional Protectorate Protection
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